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Sunday, August 7, 2011

8 types of women

Recently I spoke to someone who had researched enough find that women fit into 8 types, which a regular guy talking to a woman should easily be able to ascertain. It will not only help the guy figure out his "game plan", so to speak, but also give a pretty good idea on how a woman is in a relationship...

Now, being a woman of the world myself ;) I was rather intrigued by the idea that I (who thinks shes rather a unique one) could be fit into one of those categories. Those categories being:
1. Tester vs. Investor
2. Justifier vs. Denier
3. Realist vs. Idealist
At first, I didn't really think this was for real, how could you fit half the worlds population into 8 different types?!
As he explained what each type meant, I kind of understood his point...it makes sense. At least, in a general standpoint.
As a guy first approaches a girl, he first needs to figure out whether she is a tester or an investor...meaning is she opening to just dating around until she finds "the one", you could say. An investor girl would be more the type to get into a relationship and try and "make it work"! We have all heard those before, "you need to work at a relationship!" Etc...
Next would be justifier vs. denier. A girl would be a justifier if she had done something not as accepted and not hid it, to lightly put it. But a denier would, if asked about something she would consider not a social norm, would deny ever having done such a thing! Yes we all know there are such people out there! In fact, I am supposed to be a denier myself! ;) Yes, I have my secrets! :sticks tongue out:
Now the last set is realist vs. idealist. We all get the general idea, are you grounded or is your head up in the clouds?
His analysis of me after an hour long rant on my part was that I was an investor, denier and an idealist! Which, I can say is pretty accurate! Which are you? :wiggles eyebrows:

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